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Calling all outdoor enthusiasts! Discover Georgia Outdoors is assembling a team of hikers,
campers, kayakers, mountain bikers, backpackers and photographers to help promote Georgia’s
endless outdoor adventures by sharing their experiences and engaging with others.

Our mission is to gather and share information and insight about the most thrilling outdoor activities, adventures and resources throughout the great state of Georgia. From the North Georgia Mountains to the Golden Isles, DGO wants to shine a light on every Peach State adventure.

In our increasingly digital world, connecting with others through a shared passion for the outdoors has never been more important. As a DGO Trailheads, you can inspire others to follow your path or blaze their own. We’ll share your story when you conquer a hiking hot-spot and highlight your post about a well-kept secret to spark new interest. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, newbie or expert, weekend warrior or AT veteran, you’re the perfect fit for this exciting opportunity.

If you think you have the passion to join our dynamic squad of pioneers, complete the Trailheads Application below. Help us explore the most beautiful and exciting areas of our state and share your experiences with the world!

Trailheads Application

To apply, complete the form below, which includes a short bio, one example of a possible Trailheads post and two accompanying photos. Use the helpful FAQs to guide your application.

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• What is a “short” bio?
  • - Include age, profession, area of residence (Example: North Georgia Mountains)
  • - 200 word maximum
  • - Define your outdoor personality
• Photos of what?
  • - One Selfie
  • - One Nature Shot
• What is a Trailheads Post?
  • - A Trailheads Post is an experiential description of a Georgia outdoor adventure.
  • - A post should be 100-500 words, suitable for a blog or social media format.
  • - For the application, write about a trail or activity in your area of Georgia.
  • - Ask yourself...What did I Discover?
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