On the Appalachian Trail, Just off GA Hwy. 52 By Linda Mosely

My amazing sisters and I made a pact as adults to get together on all the “big 0” birthdays. My oldest sister chose a visit to New York City, complete with the bright neon lights, shows, luxury hotels, and fine dining. A few years later I picked hiking the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail, complete with a deep black sky filled with twinkling stars, fleeting deer, filtered water from bubbling streams, trail mix and sleeping bags. Raised to be true to ourselves and celebrate our differences, we take pride in experiencing life from different perspectives.

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Vlog – Tallulah Trail

Transcript:So, right now, I’m at Tallulah Gorge. It’s one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders. It runs about two miles, it has six waterfalls and the cliffs rise as high as a thousand feet. There’s some speculation as to what Tallulah means in Cherokee. Uh, some people say it is derived from the word tululu, which […]

Alex McKelvey
September 10, 2019 · read more

Vlog – Anna Ruby Pass

Transcript:Alright, so see this shrub right here? It’s called a Mountain Doghobble. And it’s in the same family, uh, with Rhododendrons and blueberries And, full disclosure, uh I I haven’t brushed up on my plants, and I I need to reveal my sources. They have a placard. They have a placard right there. So here […]

Alex McKelvey
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My Appalachian Trail Story

Daniel Boone’s legacy will remain forever intact – the ill-fated Swinehart brothers’ expedition into the Georgia mountains in hopes of conquering the Appalachian Trail proved to be more than the out-of-shape middle-aged trio had bargained for, as the elements once again won out over the weaker human spirit. The Appalachian Trail, for those of you […]

Bob Swinehart
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Vlog – Skidaway State Park

Mike Schalk
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Vlog – Mt. Yonah

Mike Schalk
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Vlog – Peach Tree City, GA

Mike Schalk
February 11, 2019 · read more

Vlog – Drone – Little Ocmulgee Lake

Mike Schalk
January 12, 2019 · read more

Vlog – Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge

Mike Schalk
January 11, 2019 · read more

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