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The Otis Redding marker at Highway 11/Highway 129 in Gray, GA is interactive, playing Redding's music and honoring the Middle Georgia singer.

The Old Clinton Historic District in Gray, Georgia is architecturally significant for its collection of early 19th century homes and public buildings now on the National Register of Historic Places. Self-guided tours are available.

Visit the Otis Redding marker at the corner of Highway 11 and Highway 129 in downtown Gray near Main Street Station. The marker is an interactive memorial marker that plays Redding’s music and honors the Middle Georgia singer. The marker is a 7-foot square sign designed to look like an album cover.

Walk the grounds of Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site and imagine what life was like on an 1850s cotton plantation.

Only a half mile from the Jarrell Plantation, set off for a hike through the woods along the Hitchiti Nature Trail, a four-mile loop that follows Little Falling Creek to the Ocmulgee River.

Griswoldville, once home to a Confederate pistol factory, is dotted with historical markers describing the preserved and well-marked Civil War Battle of Griswoldville.

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Lake Jonesco Golf Course

Historic Heartland
843 Hwy. 22 E.
Gray, GA 31032

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