Locate It: Bad Branch Falls & Crow Creek Falls

NE GA Mountains

Bad Branch Falls & Crow Creek Falls

A 20’ cascade, Bad Branch Falls is 3.2 miles from the Lake Seed Dam. Bad Branch Falls is a beautiful fall in the Rabun County waterfalls system. Crow Creek Falls is a small but scenic waterfall on Crow Creek; it is a triple-tier cascade.

Follow Low Gap Road to the right, instead of going straight toward Minnehaha. At 0.3 miles, you reach Crow Creek Road. Go right and follow the road 2.8 miles to a pull-off on the right. Trailhead is on the left across the road. Bad Branch is a five-minute hike. To get to Crow Creek Falls, stay on Crow Creek Road for another mile. Pull off to the right at telephone pole No. 41-72. Trail is across the road.

Crow Creek Rd.
Lakemont, GA 30552

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