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DO IT: Hiking - Backcountry Trail – Providence Canyon

Backcountry Trail – Providence Canyon - Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area

The trail begins ? mile down the Loop Trail at the creek bed. Instead of turning left into the canyons, turn right on the creek bed. After about two miles, the trail becomes rugged, ascending a steep grade. It follows an old logging road, where most of the primitive campsites are located. At site #2, a shortcut is available that shortens the trail about ? of a mile. Further down the trail, as it becomes rugged again, six canyons may be viewed, but they are not accessible to hikers. The Backcountry Trail deadends into the Loop Trail, where hikers will turn right and continue through the day use area. Follow the fence line through the picnic area for the best overlooks, returning to the Visitor Center.

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