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DO IT: Hiking - Connector Trail

Connector Trail - Skidaway Island State Park

This 1-mile trail cuts through the woods to connect the Big Ferry Loop Trail and the Avian Loop Trail. Using this trail, hikers can perform a complete navigation on the park’s main trails totaling nearly 6 miles. Hikers, take notice of “popcorn trees,” or Chinese Tallow, a highly invasive plant that has taken over this area of the park. Efforts have begun in killing this toxic tree and returning the forest to its natural state. A freshwater pond (or slough) along the trail sometimes houses a resident alligator or two. In summer, the blooming bladderwort covers the pond with a gorgeous sea of yellow. This carnivorous plant traps mosquito larvae, miniature worms, and other tiny animals by catching them in its underwater bladder traps.

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