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DO IT: Hiking - Pink Log Creek Trail

Pink Log Creek Trail - Bartow County

Found on over 259 acres of Bartow County greenspace, Pine Log Creek Trail is made up of an east loop and a west loop. The trail crosses seven rustic footbridges over Pine Log Creek and features two overlooks of Pine Log Mountain. This is also the site of the Pine Log Cherokee Indian Village and one of the highest elevations in Bartow County’s Appalachian foothills.

The trail is open daily from dusk to dawn, hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited, and no motorized vehicles, horses, or bicycles are allowed.

To find the trail take exit 293, US 411 off 1-75 for around 8 miles. Turn right on GA 140 east toward Waleska for approximately 3 miles until you see the Pine Log Creek Trail System parking area.

North of Lake Allatoona, the entire Pine Log Creek Trail – including the east and the west loop – takes 2 to 3 hours to hike. Both loops of the trail are accessed by the same trailhead, and to reach the east loop you must travel a portion of the west loop. From the parking lot to the west loop is a connector trail that is about a half-mile. The approach to the west loop is flat and easy and crosses a quiet stream via a raised log bridge.

When you reach the sign for the west loop, it can be a little confusing. To continue onto the northern portion of the western loop, keeping going straight. If you plan on completing the entire trail, we recommend taking this route. The northern section of the west loop is the steepest part of the hike. The grade rises 400 feet over 0.7 miles and then descends at around the same pace while offering a few nice descent views. The trail begins to follow along a small creek and leads to the short connector trail that leads to the east loop.

If you are interested in cutting to the east loop from the west loop junction, cross over the footbridge to the right at the west loop sign. (Here is where it can be a little confusing.) There is a path to the right after the footbridge that is not an official trail. To take the southern portion of the west loop to get to the short connector trail that leads to the east loop, take the trail on the left after the footbridge.

Once you reach the east loop by the short connector trail, head clockwise. This section is comparatively easier than the previous sections of the trail.

Halfway around the east loop at the eastern most point of the trail system is the Quarry Pond. Steep hills rise around it and large rock formations stand beneath it. This little aquatic gem is the perfect place to cool off in the summer.

To start back toward the trailhead, continue clockwise around the east loop and retrace your steps on the short connector trail. Take the southern portion of the west loop until you reach the first junction at the west loop sign just over the foot bridge. Turn left here down the connector trail that leads to the parking lot.

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