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DO IT: Hiking - Presidential Pathways Flat Rock Park Mountain Bike Trails

Presidential Pathways Flat Rock Park Mountain Bike Trails - Flat Rock Park

In the north central area of Columbus, Georgia, Flat Rock Park is one of many venues for outdoor activity in the state’s third-largest city.

The park, managed by the Columbus Parks & Recreation Department, encircles Flat Rock Lake. The area is aptly named for the large, exposed flat bedrocks along Flat Rock Creek, which feeds into the lake.

While the park is open for picnicking and the lake for fishing, one of the most popular activities is mountain biking. Flat Rock Park’s trails are known in the West Georgia mountain biking community as great tracks for beginner and intermediate riders to become more familiar with the sport and skilled in techniques. Established in 2005, the 9.2-mile circuit is comprised of 15 tracks.

The Fall Line Trace multi-use trail runs past the park to the east and makes the park even more accessible for bikers. As part of the Dragonfly Trails network, Fall Line Trace is just one of the many trails the connect the city’s outlying communities with one another.

Bikers traveling from a greater distance can navigate to the designated parking area near the trailhead on the east side of the park. Flat Rock Park is accessed off Warm Springs Road and has a paved road running through the park that will bring you to the parking area adjacent to the trailhead.

Activity: Bike, Hike, Walk              Difficulty: Moderate     Distance: 9.2 mi.   Surface: Compact Soil       Pet Friendly: Yes, leashed     

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