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DO IT: Hiking - Redbird Creek Trail – Fort McAllister

Redbird Creek Trail – Fort McAllister - Fort McAllister State Park

Red Bird Creek Trail cuts through a maritime forest and presents the opportunity for an immersive, low-county adventure. That said, don’t forget your bug spray and be prepared to walk through varying degrees of marsh mud (depending on the level of recent rainfall). Also, help keep the trail from widening by sticking to the established route – even when that involves walking through a little muck. Not letting momentary discomfort create detours helps maintain the current environmental impact of the trail.

Just inside the Fort McAllister State Park entrance, the trail is marked with a stake (there is a more traditional trailhead a few hundred yards down the path, at which point, the trail narrows.

The trail crosses three foot bridges, passes the park’s two primitive campsites which can be reserved, and includes a connector trail that leads to a marshside lookout tower, which is a favorite for birding.

Weaving through the forest of oaks and loblolly pines with a floor heavy with palmetto, the trail leads to the first bridge. After crossing, head to the right for about a third of a mile to reach a connector trail that leads to a lookout tower, or observation deck, with a wonderful view of Red Bird Creek and Georgia coastal saltwater marsh.

Just before the tower is the first primitive campsite you will pass. Return to the main loop of the trail and take a right. In less than a quarter of a mile, pass the second primitive campsite. This portion of the trail rides the marsh’s edge and presents an excellent view on the right before reaching Primitive Campsite No. 2.

Past the campsite is first a second connector trail and then the second foot bridge, which crosses a tidal creek. The next landmark is the final bridge, which indicates you are approaching the first foot bridge and nearing the end of the loop. The trail returns to the bridge and retraces the path back to the entrance of the park.

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