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DO IT: Hiking - Sempervirens Trail

Sempervirens Trail - Crooked River State Park

Deriving its name from Latin, the Sempervirens or “ever living” old-growth hardwoods of large oaks, cherries and hickories make up the canopy above the nature loop portion of the trail. These remarkable florae are nurtured by calcium-rich soil created though oyster shell middens left by Native Americans.

As you leave the dense hardwoods and enter the pine-oak forest, look for gopher tortoises, Georgia’s state reptile. These large turtles dig burrows in sandy soil and feed on small grasses. You may also see raccoons, armadillos, feral hogs, and orb weaver spiders. A birding platform makes it easier to spot great egrets, great blue herons, osprey, pileated woodpeckers, white-eyed vireo, and warblers.

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