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DO IT: Hiking - Silver Comet Trail-Cobb County

Silver Comet Trail-Cobb County - Cobb County

13 miles northwest of Atlanta is the Silver Comet Trail. It travels west through Cobb, Paulding, and Polk counties and is 61.5 miles long. The Silver Comet starts in Smyrna, Georgia and ends at the Georgia/Alabama state line near Cedartown and the Esom Hill Trailhead. As the trail crosses into Alabama, it connects with the 33-mile long Chief Ladiga Trail. The combined length of the Silver Comet and the Chief Ladiga Trails is approximately, 94.5 paved miles, which ends in Anniston, Alabama. Both trails are fully paved rail-trails, meaning they were built on abandoned railroad tracks.

The Silver Comet Trail is quiet, non-motorized, and paved for walkers, hikers, bikers, rollerblades, equestrians, and wheelchair accessibility. It runs along Highway 278 and has 21 Trailheads.

The original rail line dates to 1897, and the trail’s namesake – the  Silver Comet Passenger service – ran  from 1947 to 1969. Abandoned in 1989, the rail line was purchased by the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT). Construction started in 1998, and the trail was completed in 2008.

Bike rentals and repair shops along or near the Silver Comet Trail in Cobb County:

Comet Trail Cycles

4342 Floyd Rd.

Mableton, GA 30126


Smyrna Bicycles

3988 Atlanta Rd. SE, Ste. A

Smyrna, GA 30080


Boneshaker Bicycles

3401 Florence Cir #300

Powder Springs, GA 30127


Cobb County

12.8 miles of the Silver Comet cuts through Cobb County. Beginning at the trail’s official starting point, the Cobb County sections runs through Smyrna, Mableton, and Powder Springs. Nice restrooms and benches can be found along the trail, as well as emergency phones, water fountains, and picnic tables.

The trail is open from dawn to dusk, and this is strictly enforced by the Cobb County Police Department, who patrol the trail both during the day and at night. Silver Comet Trail travelers are encouraged to vacate the trail when it starts to get dark, travel together, and follow safety procedures. Also, be aware of red lights along the trail.

Cobb County Trailheads

Marvell Road– Smyrna

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 0        GPS Coordinates: 33.8420960,-84.5177130

The Marvell Road Trailhead marks the beginning of the Silver Comet Trail. The Cumberland Connector is a paved trail, two-lane trail that connects to the Highland Station shopping center, which has plenty of parking along with shopping and restaurants. From Highland Station to the Marvell Road Trailhead, to the start of the Silver Comet is just over a mile.

Fontaine Road-Smyrna

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 1.2     GPS Coordinates: 33.8505054,-84.5553994

The Fontaine Road Trailhead has a gravel/asphalt parking lot – beware of holes and ruts. The site does not have access to water or restrooms. To get to the Silver Comet, cross the East-West Connector and go down the paved sidewalk. Be careful in this parking lot, because even though it is on the corner of Fontaine Road and the East-West Connector it is isolated.

Concord Road-Smyrna

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 2.6     GPS Coordinates: 33.8524634,-84.5583324

In the Historic Concord Covered Bridge District, this trailhead offers nice restrooms, access to water, covered picnic tables, and an emergency phone. East of the trailhead approximately 0.2 miles is the Heritage Park Entrance, just past the wooden Concord Road bridge and before the big East-West Connector bridge.

Floyd Road-Mableton

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 4.2     GPS Coordinates: 33.8472329,-84.5855112

The Floyd Road Trailhead has great amenities, including nice restrooms, a park, parking, a convenience store, and Comet Trails Cycles. Enjoy The Silver Comet Fountain Park and an array of near-by shopping and restaurants.

Carter Road-Powder Springs

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 8.6     GPS Coordinates: 33.8572439,-84.6572569

The Carter Road Trailhead offers direct access to Wildhorse Creek Trail (33.8570852,-84.6562893) – a 1.5-mile paved Silver Comet spur that begins in the Carter Road parking lot and ends in Wildhorse Creek Park. There is paved parking lot but no restrooms or water.

Powder Springs Trailhead

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 9.5     GPS Coordinates: 33.8610793,-84.6708906

Located at Richard D. Sailors Parkway, this is a paved trailhead. There are no restrooms, but there is easy access to fast food establishments on Lindley Road, which is connected to the Silver Comet by a pathway. Nearby is Downtown Powder Springs where you can find gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and banks.

Florence Road-Powder Springs

Silver Comet Mile Marker: 11.7  GPS Coordinates: 33.8702196,-84.7019653 This trailhead is near the large Silver Comet pedestrian bridge that runs over Hwy-287 and the C.H. James Parkway.  At the base of the bridge, east of the trailhead at mile marker 11.4, is the Lucille Creek Trail (33.8684669,-84.6955589). The Florence Road Trailhead has nice restrooms, water, covered picnic tables, and an emergency phone. If the parking lot is full there is a gravel overflow lot across

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