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DO IT: Hiking - The Main Path

The Main Path -

To visit the Earthlodge, the Trading Post site, and the Great and Lesser Temple Mounds – some of the most popular points of interest – take the Main Path, which starts at the Visitor Center.

Visible from the Visitor Center is the Earthlodge. Visitors can go inside the lodge and view the original lodge floor that dates back more than 1,000 years. It is the only earthen work from that period left in the world in such exceptional condition. If you do not have a lot of time, stop by the park and take the short walk from the Visitor Center to the Earthlodge and experience a small piece of the area’s ancient inhabitants by going inside this structure that was a large part of their public lives and community.

The Main Path moves past the Village Site toward the Trading Post Site. Though documentation and evidence are lacking, it is believed there once stood an English trading house from 1690-1718. The post sat on this plot of high ground overlooking the Ocmulgee River.

Passed the Trading Post Site, the Main Path crosses the park road and loops around the Great Temple Mound. Take a right after the road crossing to experience both the Lesser Temple Mound and the Great Temple Mound.

The purpose and significance of all the mounds are unknown, but these are thought to be religious structures. They were built from alternating layers of earth and plant matter.

If it is you first visit to the park, hit three of most historically significant sites of the park by hiking the Main Path. Begin the adventure of learning about this interesting and culturally rich area with a tour of the Visitor Center and a hike to the Eathenlodge, the Trading Post Site, and the Great and Lesser Temple Mounds. There is much more to discover but this 2.4-mile trail is the perfect place to start.

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